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Vacation Bus Rental

Vacation Bus Rental

For groups going on vacation together, there’s no better way to travel than by a Vacation Bus Rental. Regardless if you’re going on a week-long trip to the beach, or if you’re heading to a city for a weekend of culture and shopping – nothing beats our Vacation Bus Rental. Bus travel is one of the greenest and most eco-friendly ways for a group to travel together, especially compared to air travel. 

Organizing a group of people to go on vacation together is no small task, and ensuring everyone is going to be at the right place at the right time is a nightmare with other methods of transport (different tickets, different flights, potential delays, etc). However, when you get a vacation bus rental, the whole process is simplified.

Contact us today for more information on our Vacation Bus Rentals or fill out the form below! Why choose chartered buses for your group? Our Vacation Bus Rental provides:

Vacation Bus Rental Elite Tours
Vacation Transportation with Elite Tours

Vacation Transportation

You’re then able to enjoy your vacation a little bit more without having to worry about coordinating people and logistics. The best part about using a Vacation Bus Rental is that the journey is part of the adventure. From the moment you get on the bus, the excitement begins. Everyone is talking about their expectations, what they’re looking forward to the most, swapping travel stories, etc.

Here at Elite Tours Of Atlanta, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built up over the years. Countless people have trusted us to get them and their group to and from their vacation destination reliability, punctually, affordably, and comfortably.

We’d love the opportunity to help you and your group start your vacation a few hours early on one of our Vacation Bus Rentals. No matter where the destination is, we will work with you to accommodate your group as best we can. From the moment we begin planning, have peace of mind knowing your drive is in our hands. We will coordinate pick up time and destination as well as stops along the way to ensure safety and reliability. 

Why not give us a call on 404-766-9754 and find out just how enjoyable (and easy) chartering a bus for a vacation can be today!

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Elite Tours of Atlanta specializes in charter bus & minibus rentals, prioritizing safety and reliability for your entire trip. Our busses are versatile, catering to various needs and events.  Contact us today for more details or to reserve your charter bus or minibus rental!

Please use the form on this page to email us. You can also call 888-699-1893 to speak with us directly. 

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At Elite Tours of Atlanta, our expert charter bus booking agents are prepared to enable you to schedule your upcoming journey. Whether you require a local bus charter or perhaps your group is going out of town, we offer a suitable vehicle to accommodate your vacation bus rental needs.