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Elite Safety Standards For All Our Bus Trips

Safety is a top priority throughout the travel industry. Airports, trains, buses, boats, etc all have safety regulations they are expected to adhere to. Elite Tours of Atlanta takes a proactive approach to safety standards. We not only hold ourselves accountable to the standard FMCSA Ratings required for all bussing companies but also to our own safety regulations to ensure all our travelers enjoy a safe trip.

Charter Bus Maintenance

As most well-seasoned travelers know, there are dozens of ways a trip can go wrong. One of the ways Elite Tours of Atlanta takes a proactive stance against delays and accidents is with routine bus maintenance before and after each trip. No matter what type of bus your group is using for a trip, you can travel with ease knowing that it has met and exceeded the FMCSA requirements.


Driver Certification

Elite Tours of Atlanta is proud of the motorcoach operators we have on our team. We foster a work environment for our drivers that encourages continued driver education beyond the mandatory certifications required for the job. As traffic laws change and bus technology evolves, our drivers are dedicated to keeping their skill sets sharp so they can manage any situation on the road.

Passenger Safety

In addition to routine bus inspections and a team of qualified drivers for our passenger’s safety, Elite Tours of Atlanta goes the extra mile to ensure regulations are being met. All of our charter buses include a tracker system that allows our base location to monitor trip progress. If anything goes wrong on the road, our team will immediately know and take appropriate action.

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