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Charter Bus for Cruise Connections

Leave your car behind

A few weeks ago, you bragged that your travel agent friend could get a great group discount for you and 30 friends to take a cruise out of Savannah. You graciously accepted the kudos of your group, but they applauded even louder when your spouse asked, “Why don’t we charter a bus from Elite Tours of Atlanta instead of driving?”

Admittedly, the above scenario is fictional but is it worth the risk that a flat tire or getting stopped by the police for a broken taillight could cause you or any of your group to literally miss the boat? Your “insurance” is to book a cruise connection charter bus through Elite Tours of Atlanta to safely get to a port or any cruise connection.

There are several other reasons why your cruise adventure should begin by leaving your car behind and letting a professional driver get you safely to your destination.

First, the task of battling traffic jams and paying to park at a port for several days is no longer a concern. You won’t have the stress or worry of leaving your personal vehicle behind and the potentially damage that could come with that. And lastly the bus will be waiting for your group when you get to safely get you all home.

Short-term goals expect accomplishment in a short period of time, such as trying to get a bill paid in the next few days.
Cruise Connections - Elite Tours of Atlanta

Cruise vacations are meant to be worry-free

No need to wait, let the party start early in one of Elite Tours of Atlanta’s comfortable 56 passenger buses. Those not quite ready to party can simply take a nap and dream about those paper umbrellas or winning a bundle in the cruise ship’s casino.

Convenience is another reason to use Elite Tours of Atlanta. It is unlikely that you will be the only passenger headed for the cruise so the bus will be stationed in a nearby parking lot near the freeway or main road.

Cruise goers will only need to navigate the few miles to that parking lot and even a beat-up car with a bad transmission can go a few miles. Some cities have good public transports and of course calling a taxicab is an option for a short drive.

Cruise vacations are meant to be worry-free so the next time you plan to spend a few days in the open seas relaxing and being pampered, don’t forget to book your seat on a cruise connection charter bus with Elite Tours of Atlanta. Call 404-766-9754 or send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.


At Elite Tours of Atlanta, our expert charter bus booking agents are prepared to enable you to schedule your upcoming journey. Whether you require a local bus charter or perhaps your group is going out of town, we offer a suitable vehicle to accommodate your groups travel demands.