Charter Bus for Corporate Shuttles and Events

Reliable, on time and experienced

Reliable, on time and experienced are some of the ways to describe Elite Tours of Atlanta, a locally owned and operated charter bus company.

At your next corporate event, we can provide all your transportation needs from getting you out of the office and onto the road, transporting VIPs in and around the city of Atlanta, taking potential investors to and from conference venues and driving employees to team building events. Luxury is served through comfort and convenience in our immaculately maintained chartered buses.

Why choose chartered buses for your company? Renting a chartered bus provides:

  • cost-efficient and effective solutions to get a large group from one place to another
  • convenience for everyone to get to a location safely, quickly and easily
  • a simple and straightforward booking process for transport, luggage, date and location
  • everyone arrives at the next location at the same time and on time
  • employees can chat and enjoy the view without worrying about how to get to their location

Especially for corporate shuttles and events in Atlanta, superior reservation and a personalized booking experience can make traveling in this city a hassle-free experience.

Atlanta is known for its legendary traffic

The heart of the American South, Atlanta is a vibrant and bustling commercial and financial center. If you’re planning a corporate event in Atlanta, here are a few things to see, do and keep in mind:

  • Spring is the best time to be in Atlanta
  • January is the coldest month whereas July is the hottest
  • Pack some hiking gear for a company team-building event- the Blue Ridge Mountains is just 90 miles from the urban metropolis

Atlanta is known for its legendary traffic and they have a good transit system of buses and trains that connects major destinations in the city. However, it can be frustrating and seriously challenging to manage and maneuver a large group of people. These challenges are such as:

  • Handling luggage issues from your team
  • Dealing with a driver who is not familiar with the location
  • Serious accidents and injury as a result of using inexperienced drivers or getting behind the wheel after a company dinner and drinks

We are ready to organize a fleet of busses tailored to your needs, group size, time and date. Call us today to schedule a bus for your next corporate event in Atlanta!

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