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Casino Charter Bus Rental

Two of the best things about casinos are that you can bask in luxury at a reasonable price and you might even get a financial reward playing slots and other games of chance. So why gamble before you even get to the casino by driving your own vehicle? Begin living in luxury before you enter that casino by booking a Charter Bus from Elite Tours of Atlanta for your next casino transportation destination.

Elite Tours of Atlanta was founded in 1995 and has nearly 25 years proving that getting to a Branson, Biloxi, New Orleans or even Tampa casino is at least half the fun. Our fleet of luxurious 56 seat passenger coaches will give your group a fun and relaxed ride with none of the stress and worry that comes with driving.

The benefits are obvious. Gamblers can simply snooze in the comfortable seats and save their concentration for the craps or blackjack tables. Your group will be assembled in one well-maintained bus with a professional driver greatly eliminating the chance that “Aunt Martha”, who thinks she is Danica Patrick, will get behind the wheel.

Casino transportation just makes sense, don’t think twice and book today so your next casino trip is even more enjoyable then the last!

Casino Transportation

On-board Wi-Fi and USB charge ports

For long trips, passengers can take advantage of the entertainment system to watch a movie. Teenagers and young people who simply cannot live without social media will be relieved to know that the buses have on-board Wi-Fi and USB charge ports. Poker players can hone their “skills” using the on-board card table.

Have you ever been driving when you pass by a beautiful landscape or an unusual building as everyone else gazes at the scene and makes comments about how wonderful it is? With a charter bus, you won’t miss anything because the job of keeping eyes on the road is the drivers while you and your friends “ooh and aah” at the sights.

The best thing about riding in the charter bus occurs when you arrive at the casino ready to pull that lever (or at least push the button) on that beckoning slot machine. No need to walk across a huge parking lot or risk damage to your vehicle by a careless valet attendant. The bus will drop you right at the entrance of the casino.

The next time you and a group of friends decide to test your luck at games of chance, give a call to Elite Tours of Atlanta at 1-404-766-9754 or send an email to [email protected]. And please, remember to stand on a dealer’s 16 unless you have a hard 12 or less.

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Elite Tours of Atlanta specializes in charter bus & minibus rentals, prioritizing safety and reliability for your entire trip. Our busses are versatile, catering to various needs and events.  Contact us today for more details or to reserve your charter bus or minibus rental!

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At Elite Tours of Atlanta, our expert charter bus booking agents are prepared to enable you to schedule your upcoming journey. Whether you require a local bus charter or perhaps your group is going out of town, we offer a suitable vehicle to accommodate your casino transportation needs.