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Charter Bus For Pro Sports Teams

Save the Stress

Whether you’re embarking on a holiday adventure, attending a concert in a distant city, or catching an international sporting event, opting for a sports team bus rental can alleviate the unnecessary stress associated with coordinating travel for a sizable group of individuals.

One of the primary concerns when planning a trip is ensuring timely arrival at the airport. The reason for this concern is that even a minor delay can disrupt meticulously crafted plans and, in the worst-case scenario, result in a missed flight. This concern is exacerbated with larger groups, as arranging individual cars or relying on public transportation to get to the airport can prove challenging, time-consuming, and notably expensive.

Airports are often situated at a considerable distance from the city center, necessitating a lengthy commute between the airport and the hotel or event venue for traveling groups. A sports team bus rental simplifies this journey, offering convenient transportation to the designated destination and the added advantage of having the bus readily available for daily transportation within the city if required. This is particularly advantageous for students embarking on campus tours or cultural excursions to different states or countries, as they can enjoy a dependable and comfortable mode of transportation throughout the entirety of their trip.

Transportation to Pro Sports Teams

Transport to Hotels or Venues

Any luggage your group may be traveling with can be easily transported, without having to pay any additional fees or being forced to only take bags of a certain size – this is particularly helpful for sports teams and music bands, who need to bring special equipment with them. As mentioned before, your team or band can be transported to either hotels or venues, or have multiple stops along their route if needed.

To make your travel as smooth as possible make sure to:


At Elite Tours of Atlanta, our expert charter bus booking agents are prepared to enable you to schedule your upcoming journey. Whether you require a local bus charter or perhaps your group is going out of town, we offer a suitable vehicle to accommodate your sports team bus rental needs.