The Georgia dome is one of the most popular recreational places to spend time with friends and families. Located at the heart of Atlanta, Georgia just between downtown east and west of Vine City, the Georgia dome is known to hosts wonderful events and conventions that tourists and kinfolks can enjoy. If you’re planning for your next vacation and recreational activities to do, you might want to check out what the Georgia dome has in store for you since the place is readily accessible by rail and charter bus rental.

The Georgia dome’s construction was completed in 1992 and is known to be one of the most largest state-finance construction project, garnering a total of $214 million USD. It has the capacity to house 71, 228 for football, 53,000 for basketball and 75,000 seat capacity for concerts. The dome also features high-end definition boards and LED technology. The dome is accessible by rail, taxi and with the use of Atlanta Charter Bus, and some of the popular events and conventions you can check out at the dome are:

Football The dome is the definite home of the National Football League’s (NFL) Atlanta Falcons and the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division (NCAA) of the Georgia State Panther. Football is considered to be one of the crazed sports sought after by the residents. On January 2, 2006, the Georgia Bulldog was played on the dome due to the damaged brought by Hurricane Katrina to the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. Tourists and fanatics were able to watch the incredible game because the Charter Bus Atlanta has provided them easy access and transport to the game.

Olympics The Georgia dome also hosted the late 1996 Summer Olympics, some of which are basketball competitions, gymnastics and handball. Athletes were given provisions and Atlanta Charter Bus Rental transport to be of assistance to them during their stay.

Wrestling The dome also hosted entertainment wrestling, some of which are the WCW Monday Nitro, WWE Wrestle-mania and the infamous WWE Raw Fingerpoke of Doom in January 4, 1999. Tourists and avid fanatics were able to go there via Charter Bus Rental Atlanta has and other forms of vehicle.

Charter Bus to Atlanta Home Show

Charter a Bus to the Atlanta Log Home Show  in Atlanta, GA — January 20-22, 2012
Atlanta Log Home Shows, appropriately called, “Magazines Brought To Life,” are large, lively events occasionally featuring life-sized Log and Timber Frame structures. Our exhibitors take pride in showcasing their unique, rustic furnishings, and one-of-a-kind décor. In addition, Shows provide guests with free, hourly workshop presentations and educational demonstration areas. This is the place to see, feel and smell the wood.

Shows are typically held in major metropolitan convention centers or large fairground locations—the only venues large enough to house the fun and excitement of these spectacular events.

VISITOR’S TIP: Attend a Show to have fun, shop, get an overview of your available options and to learn more about the manufacturers and suppliers featured in our magazines…all of this in a lively atmosphere with a wide variety of exhibits.

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07 Oct 2014
Charter Bus Rental God's Cover Girl Women's Conference

Expecting more than 100 vendors at each event. These exhibitors include fundraising businesses, playground companies, school performers and more!

CHERISSE STEPHENS MINISTRIES is excited about our upcoming GOD’S COVER-GIRLS WOMEN & GIRLS CONFERENCE! The conference will be held March 8-10th, 2012 @ The Georgia International Convention Center, 2000 Convention Center Concourse, College Park, GA 30337.

REGISTRATION to this year’s conference will include admittance to Workshops & Classes, Morning Glory, Pillow-Talk Sessions for Teens/Tweens, Fashion Show, Intercessory Prayer, Television Taping of Talk Show, Nightly Services, VIP Seating, Red Carpet and So Much More!

» EARLY BIRD Registration: $75.00 per person (On-Site Registration $100.00)
» Teen/Tween Registration: $25.00 per person (On-Site Registration $35.00)


04 Oct 2014
Charter Bus Rental PTO Today Expo

Charter Bus Rental to PTO Today: 2012 Parent Group Expo

Save on time, frustration, and high gas costs, choose a charter bus rental company if your group is planning to attend the PTO Today 2012 Group Expo in Atlanta.

Expecting more than 100 vendors at each event. These exhibitors include fundraising businesses, playground companies, school performers and more!
The registration fee is $10 per person ($5 for Plus member schools). The registration fee covers your admission to the event. When you check in upon arrival you will receive a tote bag, nametag and attendee contact labels to hand out to each vendor. You can register when you arrive at the event, however there are several advantages to registering beforehand. Checking in on the day of the event is much faster and smoother if you have already registered. Also, you need to register prior to the show in order to receive the attendee contact labels to hand out to the vendors in the exhibit hall. Expo registration is non-refundable. However, the registration is transferrable so you can have someone else come in your place. Just let us know and we can set them up ahead of time. Or, if they come in on the day of the Expo, we can register them on onsite.

About PTO Today

Founded June 1, 1999, PTO Today quickly established itself at the center of the school parent group world (PTOs and PTAs) as both a valuable resource and a trusted voice for the entire parent group market. PTO Today is the only company dedicated exclusively to providing a full suite of products, programs and services to the entire K-8 school parent group market. Regardless of the acronym (PTO or PTA, etc.), PTO Today is committed to helping parent group leaders serve their schools more effectively and run their groups more efficiently.

PTO Today serves PTO and PTA groups through a variety of programs, resources and tools, including:

PTO Today Magazine – national flagship print publication that is distributed 7x per year to over 80,000 parent groups nationwide
PTO – the largest and most trusted online resource and community for parent groups
PTO Today Expos – a unique series of in person events that bring together parent group leaders to celebrate their work and success
Involvement programs – custom developed to help groups engage and involve parents at school

Today, PTO Today is the core property of School Family Media, Inc., a media and services company focused exclusively on promoting and enabling practical and meaningful parent involvement in schools. The company’s commitment to PTO and PTA groups, and its focus on creating and delivering unique solutions for involved parents, earned School Family Media a Boston Business Journal “Pacesetters” award in both 2007 and 2008 and a listing on the “Inc. 500” list of fastest-growing companies in America in 2005 and the “Inc. 5000” in 2006.

Most recently, School Family Media and PTO Today have helped to establish and now actively support Schools Serve, Inc. – a new non-profit focused on encouraging community service programs at schools nationwide. Schools Serve’s first public program is Schools Fight Hunger, which connects American schools with the hunger cause in a variety of exciting ways.