The road is always full of uncertainty. That’s why due authorities such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) would always stress the importance of vehicle safety, especially when it comes to trucks and charter bus rental interstate travel. Some people don’t want to think about accidents happening on the road, but it’s fact of life and it happens. The best thing to combat dire circumstance from happening is to have adequate knowledge on how you can avoid it. Here are its importance:

Bus Drivers Drivers of Atlanta Charter Bus or any type of vehicle must be well-rested before traveling long distances to avoid accidents or collisions. It’s not advisable for drivers to stay on the wheel while feeling sick or drowsy as it might lead into dire situations. In addition, drivers must possess a certified and commercial driver’s license for reference.

Passengers Any driver of a Charter Bus Atlanta has or any type of vehicle must orient the passengers of the different guidelines and safety features before setting off the road. However, it’s not the sole responsibility of the driver as the passengers must partake too in maintaining a safe and secure environment while inside an Atlanta Charter Bus Rental. In addition, the FMCSA authorities always stress the importance of keeping all the passenger’s items (hands, feet and head) out of the buss windows and doors. If the passenger needs to stand up or walk inside the aisle, it’s vital to use the overhead support or the seat backs to stay steady and prevent physical accidents from happening.

Qualified Mechanic Having a dependable mechanic to tune up the Charter Bus Rental Atlanta has or any type of vehicle can save both the driver and passenger’s from mishaps. Buses often need regular maintenance since it’s always prone to stress and wear.

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A popular venue for various kinds of events and occasions, the Atlanta Civic Center is no doubt one of the finest destinations in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from having a world class staff that can provide superb assistance to all your needs, the venue also offers a massive theater that can accommodate as much as 4,600 people as well as outstanding amenities like an equally huge on-site parking space and ballroom.  If your company is having a convention or any event in the Atlanta Civic Center, the best option to get there is by hiring a charter bus rental service. A charter bus rental service is perfect for those who want to travel hassle-free. With a charter bus rental service, you can travel in huge numbers yet still enjoy the high quality service on the road. Aside from these, there are more reasons why an Atlanta charter bus rental service is the best.

An Atlanta charter bus also lets you go to almost any location within a particular service area. There are even some charter bus rental companies that offer various pickup as well as drop off areas. This additional charter bus rental company feature, of course, provides optimum convenience to passengers. Based on your budget or preference, you can choose particular Atlanta charter bus rental options. Charter bus rental company options vary from the most basic to those that are fully-equipped with superb features such as separate reading lights, wide carry-on storage rooms, movable foot rests, and reclining seats.

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The Georgia dome is one of the most popular recreational places to spend time with friends and families. Located at the heart of Atlanta, Georgia just between downtown east and west of Vine City, the Georgia dome is known to hosts wonderful events and conventions that tourists and kinfolks can enjoy. If you’re planning for your next vacation and recreational activities to do, you might want to check out what the Georgia dome has in store for you since the place is readily accessible by rail and charter bus rental.

The Georgia dome’s construction was completed in 1992 and is known to be one of the most largest state-finance construction project, garnering a total of $214 million USD. It has the capacity to house 71, 228 for football, 53,000 for basketball and 75,000 seat capacity for concerts. The dome also features high-end definition boards and LED technology. The dome is accessible by rail, taxi and with the use of Atlanta Charter Bus, and some of the popular events and conventions you can check out at the dome are:

Football The dome is the definite home of the National Football League’s (NFL) Atlanta Falcons and the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division (NCAA) of the Georgia State Panther. Football is considered to be one of the crazed sports sought after by the residents. On January 2, 2006, the Georgia Bulldog was played on the dome due to the damaged brought by Hurricane Katrina to the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. Tourists and fanatics were able to watch the incredible game because the Charter Bus Atlanta has provided them easy access and transport to the game.

Olympics The Georgia dome also hosted the late 1996 Summer Olympics, some of which are basketball competitions, gymnastics and handball. Athletes were given provisions and Atlanta Charter Bus Rental transport to be of assistance to them during their stay.

Wrestling The dome also hosted entertainment wrestling, some of which are the WCW Monday Nitro, WWE Wrestle-mania and the infamous WWE Raw Fingerpoke of Doom in January 4, 1999. Tourists and avid fanatics were able to go there via Charter Bus Rental Atlanta has and other forms of vehicle.

For a lot of people, spring is the time to travel. Families and friends want to make the most out of the lovely weather, which is why they want to go somewhere to enjoy their spring break. Unfortunately, making travel arrangements is far from easy. Opting for charter bus rental will allow you to enjoy your vacation with minimal headaches.

Why should you opt for charter bus rental?

This is because opting to rent an Atlanta charter bus will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Allows you to save money. Sure, you can always take the plane to get to your destination, but if you’re planning to travel as a group, you can end up spending over your budget in transportation alone. With a charter bus Atlanta, you will be able to get to save a lot of money in the process.  Charter bus rental is also more affordable than traveling using a convoy of cars, since you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money on gas since you’ll only be taking a single vehicle. You don’t even have to think about coordination problems, since your entire party is taking the same bus in charter bus rental.
  • It’s safer. Charter bus rental Atlanta companies are known for just how careful their drivers on the road. As such, opting for charter bus rental will give you peace of mind that you will be able to get to and from your destination safely.
  • It’s more comfortable. Charter bus rental vehicles come with all sorts of creature comforts, not the least of which are comfortable seating and onboard washrooms. As such, you’ll feel great throughout your journey with charter bus rental.
  • It’s more fun! Opting for Atlanta charter bus rental can mean that you not only get to enjoy your time on your vacation, you also will be able to have fun while on the road as well.

With charter bus rental, you will be able to experience these as well as other benefits, allowing you to be worry-free on your spring break. If you’re looking for a good charter bus rental company, check out or Elite Tours of Atlanta at

Charter Bus to Atlanta Home Show

Charter a Bus to the Atlanta Log Home Show  in Atlanta, GA — January 20-22, 2012
Atlanta Log Home Shows, appropriately called, “Magazines Brought To Life,” are large, lively events occasionally featuring life-sized Log and Timber Frame structures. Our exhibitors take pride in showcasing their unique, rustic furnishings, and one-of-a-kind décor. In addition, Shows provide guests with free, hourly workshop presentations and educational demonstration areas. This is the place to see, feel and smell the wood.

Shows are typically held in major metropolitan convention centers or large fairground locations—the only venues large enough to house the fun and excitement of these spectacular events.

VISITOR’S TIP: Attend a Show to have fun, shop, get an overview of your available options and to learn more about the manufacturers and suppliers featured in our magazines…all of this in a lively atmosphere with a wide variety of exhibits.

Airport transportation is a must have if you do not want to waste time waiting for a car rental or navigating an unfamiliar city by yourself. You can hire charter bus rental services to get to your destinations faster and easier. Atlanta charter bus rental offers you top-notch services so that you will enjoy your stay in the city of Atlanta. Charter bus rental Atlanta will look at your schedule and make sure that you will have a smooth ride from the airport to your destinations during your stay.

What are the benefits you can get from hiring a charter bus rental service?

A charter bus rental service makes sure that you get to you destinations without worries. You can leave the airport right away and get your vacation or convention started. Here are some of the benefits you can get from hiring a charter bus rental service:

1.       Hire a charter bus rental service to get to your chosen tourist spots, sports games, and conventions directly. You no longer have to worry about scheduling problems or encounter hassles along the way with a charter bus rental service.

2.       Hire a charter bus rental service to get to know the citys best hotels, tourist destinations, and restaurants. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Atlanta by hiring a charter bus rental service.

3.       An Atlanta charter bus provides you all of the services and things you need to make your travel comfortable and easy. Charter bus Atlanta ensures that you get top-notch service from the airport and back.

These are the benefits you can get from hiring the services of a charter bus rental. You can be sure that a charter bus rental service will be able to take you from the airport to your destinations and back without a hitch. You can save yourself from the agony of long lines and stop-overs by hiring Elite Tours of Atlanta.

Getting a charter bus rental from the airport to your hotel or destination can be tough because of the logistics involved. Luckily for you, there is Elite Tours of Atlanta that can help you get to your chosen destination. Charter bus rental Atlanta takes you from the airport all the way to your destination without hassles. Atlanta charter bus rental looks at your schedule thoroughly and plans out the roads you have to pass and the potential problems that you may encounter. Atlanta charter bus delivers you the best service you can find in the city.

What can charter bus Atlanta do for you?

Charter bus rental services are hard to find, but Elite Tours of Atlanta is accessible and provides you with world-class service. Get to your football game or convention without trouble by hiring charter bus rental services. Here are the world-class services that a charter bus rental has to offer:

1.       A charter bus rental takes you directly to your convention or game. You do not have to worry about delays or arriving late because your schedule has been arranged and the charter bus rental service you hired will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

2.       A charter bus rental service provides you with details about the places you want to visit. Get to know the latest festivals or sports games that are happening around the city of Atlanta through the charter bus rental service you hire.

3.       A charter bus rental service takes you anywhere you want to go around the city without the hassle of scheduling your own trips or worrying about arriving on time. Get to your destination in no time!

These are the services that Elite Tours of Atlanta have to offer. Benefit from their services and enjoy your stay in Atlanta without worrying about time and traffic.