8 Things to Consider Before Chartering a Bus

October 31 2014

What to Consider Before getting Charter Bus Rental Bus Rates?

How does your charter bus company compare to the competition? When you do your charter bus comparison before you trip, some people go about the task totally blind to what might be required to ensure you are choosing the best company. Of course the fault is not yours as this may be the first time you have done such a task of renting a charter bus for a group trip or airport transfer.

Since this is the case we can assembled some of the more important aspects of charter bus rental bus rates you can consider to guide you through the process.

  1. Is the company a national network of charter buses or is it a single Charter bus company?
  2. The importance of this aspect is in understanding what exactly you are going to get. With national networks, one parent company might contract out the charter to a local company who might not have chosen otherwise. Conversely, it is difficult to understand how the local branch of the national network is rated because they fall under the umbrella of the larger organization.
    Furthermore, according to busrates.com with national brokers a 25% commission can be added to the cost of your trip.

  3. Does the company have a US Department of Transportation (USDOT) number, how many buses do they have, what is the companies safety rating, number of inspections, and crashes?
  4. This is an overwhelming amount of information but fortunately it can all be found in one easy to search place, the US Department of Transportation Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System http://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/CompanySnapshot.aspx. When you navigate to this site just search for the USDOT Number of the Charter Bus rental company, or the Name of the Charter bus rental company.
    When you get to the page you will be presented with all of the information to understand how the USDOT sees the bus company, how many charter bus accidents has occurred and the type of accidents. Also, find how many charter buses for rent the company has and how many charter bus drivers the company has on staff.
    Also, you can find out the insurance information of the charter bus rental company, and download the charter bus insurance information in html format or in pdf format. We believe when choosing safe group charter bus rentals customers should be very informed about the history of the company.

    Charter Bus sites not like Priceline or Hotwire!

  5. Though you may be accustomed to visiting websites for air travel and bidding for your travel to get multiple prices from multiple companies, the Charter Bus industry is behind in that area. So you must contact some companies directly to get a cost estimate or quote for your trip. Fortunately, http://busrates.com can provide you with a functionality which is very close what you are accustomed to using. Bus rates is able to develop an itinerary for you and then notify your selected companies that you are requesting a bus rate cost from the bus rates website.
  6. The process on bus rates websites goes a bit like this:

    1. Choose the charter bus company best suited for your group by first selecting the bus type, city and state.
    2. After being presented with a list of charter bus rental companies in the selected area you select the “Request A Quote” button to add the company to your list of companies you want a bus rate charter bus rental quote from.
    3. After you have chosen all of your bus companies you select view itinerary, fill out some more details about your trip and submit you for to receive bus rates from the prospective charter bus rental companies.
    4. After this the companies will actually start to contact you directly with bus rate information for your charter bus rental.
  7. Do the prices rise as the date gets closer like airlines, and Trains?
  8. In other industries you will typically see a price as a moving target. Well, not in the charter bus industry. The prices are judged by different criteria such as size of vehicle, distance traveled, and amount of time the charter bus is needed for your trip.

  9. What is the deposit required?
  10. Each company has a different method of payment and percentages of payment up front. Some companies have payment as a percentage up front and the remainder at the time of travel. Be sure to understand exactly what is required of you before committing to the charter bus rental company.

  11. How long can the charter bus operator drive?
  12. Typically in the charter bus rental industry operators cannot drive more than 10 hours following 8 consecutive hours off-duty. Please factor this in when understanding what is required of your trip. This means you may need multiple drivers for a single long trip. This will have an impact on the cost of the charter bus rental.

  13. What is the pricing for local and out-of-state trips?
  14. According to bus rates website, on average local trips are priced by the hour of use, and by the mile for out-of-stat trips on the average of 275 to 300 miles per day.

  15. What are other people saying about the bus company?

Ask the bus company to give referrals who you can call. If they can’t reproduce this, then search the internet sites like yelp, google maps, yp.com to view any customer ratings the company may have.

So equip yourself with the important information. Don’t let getting Charter Bus Rental Bus Rates be an intimidating process.